B.A.R Episode 2 brings to you the opportunity to test and add influential businessmen/women to your network and to become an influencer in your own right as a BARtender. Earn the chance to test your networking skills by filling out the google form attached below to get a promo code. You can then reach out to your Peers, Entrepreneurs, Fam or just about anyone from the Business Ecosystem, using this unique promo code as a benefit you can provide to the aspiring entrepreneurs of India’s Business Ecosystem. BARtenders will be treated as the face of the event which will help enhance your credibility as an influencer in India’s Business Ecosystem.

Perks of being a BARtender:

  1. BARtenders are given an exclusive promo code with 40% off from the ticket price.
  2. Earn Rs. 1000 for every ten passes that are bought using your unique promo code.
  3. A free pass is given to the BARtender once their Unique Promo Code has been used 10 times to purchase tickets.
  4. Special cross-promotional campaign with BARtenders who reach a target of 50 passes.
  5. An award, special goodie bags and an extra bonus of Rs.5000 for the BARtender when they reach 100.

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