B.A.R Episode 2

After the phenomenal success of B.A.R Episode 1, we strive to carry our mission to Build Aspire and Rise forward by bringing to you B.A.R Episode 2. With the same exclusivity and quality of B.A.R Episode 1 but on a much grander scale, B.A.R 2 transcends the benchmark of the entrepreneurial world by bringing to you a unique agenda consisting of emerging business leaders, market leaders, investors and pre-eminent speakers, influencers, designers, from diverse sectors to share their personal experiences as well as debating to help budding entrepreneurs develop and shape the path of their entrepreneurial dream!

In addition, B.A.R Episode 2 will have premier workshops, 1 on 1 interaction sessions, group discussions, product exhibitions, and out-of-the-box content creators from diverse industries not only enabling the B.A.R community to garner and cherish the entrepreneurial spirit within each and every one of us but also create a vast number of possibilities to connect, communicate and collaborate!

For the first time in B.A.R history, we will be hosting the B.A.R Awards. The B.A.R Award is awarded to those who have shown excellence in their respective fields. You can now nominate and vote for those who best fit the B.A.R. Awards Criteria of Excellence.

Spend your Saturday at a B.A.R like never before! This day-long event will not leave you with 100+ years of experience worth of knowledge but also 100+ new friends from the ecosystem! Come, join us at THE MOST ICONIC VENUES in Bangalore and wake up with the best hangover that will last a lifetime!

AGENDA will be out soon and it’s something that you've never come across before!

We at B.A.R are committed to BUILD. ASPIRE. RISE.

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24 AUG 2019


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09:00 AM



The Registrations will begin at 9:00 AM. We request everyone to kindly be present on time to prevent any hassle.

10:00 AM

Welcome Note


The Welcome Note by The Organizers- The Mana Network. Mana Network is a digital network where VCs, start-ups, agencies, influencers, consultants, speakers, job applicants, and experts work together to mutually connect, collaborate and explore synergies to create a sustainable ecosystem. It also plays a role in matching the start-ups with the right audience aiding them to scale and expand. The Mana Network is a platform that is a one-stop solution for everyone in and around the startup ecosystem.

10:30 AM

Workshop 1: The ₹0 Start-up


Have you ever wanted to start something and then got boggled down by either the complexity or the upfront cost of it? Tanay Pratap, a person who has influenced thousands of people with his knowledge of the business world is here to bring the solutions you need! From everything, you need to start a company to do all that for free, here is THE CHANCE for entrepreneurial minds to pave their path to success with minimal hurdles!


Tanay Pratap


11:40 AM

Workshop 2: Build from Scratch


This workshop aims to captivate the entrepreneurial minds of the attendees by showing them how to build a business empire from scratch. They shed light on the various hurdles that a startup may face and how to tackle the same. These two young and successful entrepreneurs have made their mark in the business ecosystem with relentless passion and confidence. They intend to not just share their story of success, but also share their tips and their hacks to the young and aspiring Entrepreneurs!


Varun Mayya

Avalon Labs

Shashank Udupa

Avalon Labs

12:50 PM

Workshop 3: Scaling for Early Stage Startups


Who better to teach the techniques and hacks of scaling than the experts from Digital Ocean, a company that has made its mark in the business realm in such a short period of time! DigitalOcean is here to help you plan and scale in the most efficient and productive way possible.


Mohan Ram

Digital Ocean

01:30 PM

The Journey of E-commerce in India


Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success! The Father of E-commerce, K Vaitheeswaran shares his journey of how he brought E-commerce to India. Though the hurdles of his journey are better expressed in his book, he intends to share the story of his journey with the attendees. This is a chance for the attendees to learn from his journey making them more aware of the challenges in their path to success. The Father of E-commerce brings to light the ups and downs of an Entrepreneur’s life!


K Vaitheeswaran

AGAIN Drinks

02:10 PM

Panel 1: Innovation, Investments and Incubation


Innovation, Investments, and Incubation are the three most important I’s of the business world. The importance and relevance of these are often not recognized by entrepreneurs. This is a chance to know more about these three in detail from experts in the business domain who put together have an experience of over 100+ years!


Anuj Kanwar


Abhay Tandon

AB InBev

Kartik Mishra


Radhesh Kanumury

Arka Ventures

Vijetha Shastry

TiE Bangalore

03:10 PM

Workshop 4: Marketing, Sales and Growth


We at B.A.R, understand the importance of Marketing and Sales holds when it comes to any product or company. We also realize that following the same tactics for centuries will barely have an effect on the people and the current scenario. Hubspot being the masters of marketing and sales automation has decided to fly all the way from Australia to make you understand, incorporate and build a strong foundation with various groundbreaking sales and marketing techniques that will help you take that leap ahead and move forward.


Aditya Kumar


04:20 PM

Panel 2: Entrepreneurship, Startup Challenges, Building a Network and Content Strategy


Find out what Entrepreneurship is all about from renowned experts of the business domain. They will shed light on the challenges faced by startups and offer simple yet efficient solutions for the same. Though we realize networking is one of the most important factors for any company, most of us lack the knowledge of how to build a network. This is something you can learn from the experts who are well-known for their networking skills! In addition to this, they would further explain the importance of Content Strategy and how it can affect the growth of a company!


Nikitha Shiv

The Mana Network

Monica Marino


Safdhar Adoor

Steppinout & VRO Hospitality

Shreyans Jain

U25 Club

05:20 PM

Talk on Innovation Brewery


Innovation Brewery is ABInBev GCC's open innovation platform focused towards solving problems through tech innovation by partnering with tech-focused startups


Ronan Gaeti

AB InBev

05:45 PM

An Exclusive Interview with Priyank Kharge


Mr. Priyank Kharge is from the Indian National Congress. He entered politics as a student activist of the National Students' Union of India and became a sensation after. At age 38, Kharge is the youngest minister to be sworn into the Karnataka Cabinet. He was the Former Minister of IT and Tourism for Karnataka.


Priyank Kharge

06:25 PM

Panel 3: Building Large Scale Businesses, Global Marketing and Sales Automation


We at B.A.R understand the hurdles startups face to turn themselves into a large scale business. This is noticed and taken into account in this workshop. Here, the experts show the attendees how to turn their company into a successful large scale business. They further bring to light the importance of Global Marketing and Sales Automation which are some of the core features for a successful business. And who better to enlighten the attendees than the experts from established companies in the business domain!


Alex Gonzalez


Prabhakar Jayakumar

Digital Ocean

Amit Agarwal

Manthan Systems

Kunal Ruvala

Dell EMC

07:25 PM

B.A.R Awards


B.A.R awards is our way of recognizing and honoring the members of the business world who have made their impact on people and their lifestyles in a short period of time. With over 30+ awards, B.A.R takes pleasure in recognizing and rewarding the best startups, founders, and influencers across various domains.

08:45 PM



This is the first of its kind Business Festival bringing together people from diverse sectors all at one place! Spend your evening networking and chilling with top-class entrepreneurs, experts, influencers and many more! Chill at the UB City Amphitheatre basking in knowledge, meeting experts from diverse sectors, enjoying the skyline with a Beer in hand!

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